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August Round Up

In all my naivety I thought things would be back to something more normal by now. That’s clearly a very long way off. But it’s not been a bad old month, here’s some of my highlights: Organotoy I got a … Continue reading

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Trying to Scratch an Itch While Ignoring Fifty Others

It’s been a rough few weeks, which is why my posting is a little all over the place of late. I’ve been trying so hard to wank so I could review my gorgeous new ice cream dildo but I just … Continue reading

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Build Your Own Path

There are very few things in BDSM that only have one way of doing them, and that’s down to health and safety. Yet there are people that will say there is only “one true way” and I’ve been practising BDSM … Continue reading

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Bellesa Great On Paper is a new free porn site. It’s more ethical than the mainstream ones, and by women and aimed at women. We need this. Well, actually what we need is for it to be easier to remove the revenge, underage … Continue reading

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I Like to Show Off

This fortnights Kink of the Week is about exhibitionism, and I love to show off. So I’m really excited about joining in with this one. I didn’t start out an exhibitionist, in fact it was only after I got over … Continue reading

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Organotoy Small Ash Review

The lovely people over at Organotoy sent me a package recently, including the small Ash dildo, and they put a bio-hazard logo on it which makes it the most special toy in my collection. And being so special to me … Continue reading

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If Not You

“I just don’t think I’m that kinky.” I used to have two deal breakers, non-monogamy and non-kinky. I thought they were the two things I absolutely had to have in my relationship. If I had heard that sentence from anyone … Continue reading

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G-Silicone Ambit Review

About a month ago I was sent the Ambit by Godemiche Silicone and this week I finally got a day to enjoy it. So, what’s it like? Well, it’s pretty damn great. It’s the same high quality of the rest … Continue reading

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I Love to Watch

I’ve never said it to anyone else, but I love watching my partner wanking. It’s never done anything for me before and I have no interest in watching guys wank in porn. It’s just my partner, laying back and touching … Continue reading

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