I Love to Watch

I’ve never said it to anyone else, but I love watching my partner wanking. It’s never done anything for me before and I have no interest in watching guys wank in porn. It’s just my partner, laying back and touching himself. And I think actually enjoying it has made our sex better.

The thing is, no one knows how to pleasure my partner better than him. He knows what gets him off because he’s had the practice, knows what’s going on in his head and how what is being done actually feels. With his phimosis I’ve had to re learn everything I know because he really does need to be touched differently. And aside from asking watching is the best way to learn.

But it is way more than that, I love watching him touch himself. It’s sexy, it’s hot. I don’t know why I love it so much especially since I’ve never cared about it before him. Perhaps it’s just because I love him, or maybe it’s because I know it’s right now the only way for him to orgasm (although he is becoming more sensitive) and I want him to orgasm too.

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