G-Silicone Ambit Review

About a month ago I was sent the Ambit by Godemiche Silicone and this week I finally got a day to enjoy it. So, what’s it like?

Godemiche Ambit dildo on blue table with brick background
It’s so sparkly and beautiful!

Well, it’s pretty damn great. It’s the same high quality of the rest of their toys that myself or my partner have by them. I love that not only is the quality super high but they’re just gorgeous toys to look at. The range of colours is huge, then there’s the UV, pearlescent and effulgence and glow in the dark on top of that. I knew the style I wanted but damn picking the colour was tough.

As always it turned up really quick and in discrete packaging. But I will leave it at that as I really don’t want to go over the old ground of previous reviews too much. Let’s just get onto the toy itself. The Ambit has a more tapered head and a curve to it, the curve in particular is why I wanted this toy so bad. I wanted something that could hit the spots a straight toy just can’t. It’s also a lot more flexible that my Adam, and I do have a fondness for more flexible toys.

As much as I was looking forward to the curve it was actually the head that I really love about this toy. The position I was in meant it was stimulating my cervix in a really hot way. And when done right cervix stimulation can be amazing, do it wrong and it results in sex ending pain. I only have one other toy that feels this good and they both have a flatter head over a rounded one like most of my toys. In the right position it doesn’t jab at my cervix and can massage it in a way other toys just can’t.

Next up is the curve, I really like the curve. Like so many dildos it’s about being in a position you like to hit the right spots and this toy does hit the right spots. And the flexibility certainly helps. Yet again Godemiche have created another great toy.

If you want one of your own you can get it here.

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