Organotoy Small Ash Review

I love this gorgeous black and pink marble effect

The lovely people over at Organotoy sent me a package recently, including the small Ash dildo, and they put a bio-hazard logo on it which makes it the most special toy in my collection. And being so special to me that had to be the first thing in my collection to try first.

This alone makes it the best dildo ever.

It’s a nice squishy silicone, and I like soft feeling toys over firm ones, and their toys are beautiful as well as being high quality. It’s the smallest dildo in my collection at 4.25 inches and 3.5 insertable inches but it is nice and thick. I wouldn’t have picked this size for myself but it is nice to have some variety in my collection.

I’ve said before that I like toys with bigger heads and this one isn’t just bigger but textured around the widest part, so it’s off to a great start with enjoying it. But with this being shorter I have used in a very long time I did need to fuck myself differently. It hits my g-spot and I’m more used to toys that either hit my a-spot or stimulate my cervix. But once I tilted it up it was really nice. The base is flared but not so much I can’t rub my clit.

It’s got some really nice bumps and ridges which I’ve enjoyed, and honestly the only thing I would change is the size, I can see me buying a bigger size for myself in the future to add to my collection. It would be the first toy I owned in two different sizes.

If you want one of your own you can find it here and you can follow Organotoy on Twitter and Instagram.


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