I Like to Show Off

Bambi Biohazard in alternative makeup, pink fishnet top and pink stockings.
Me, surprisingly covered for a good few hours into a club night, yes I was a bit of a mess

This fortnights Kink of the Week is about exhibitionism, and I love to show off. So I’m really excited about joining in with this one.

I didn’t start out an exhibitionist, in fact it was only after I got over years of body shaming, slut shaming and many forms of abuse that went on for years that it slowly came out of me. And I feel like exhibitionism has been good for my mental health in many ways. It all started when I decided to do art nude fetish modelling, I became comfortable with my body and finally in my learned that I had a great body and not to be ashamed of it.

Over the next couple of years I became more comfortable with clubbing because I was going to events with someone who didn’t make me feel bad about being monogamous and only playing with me. They were also someone I felt completely had my back, now for a huge list of reasons we did not work out or really stay together very long, but it helped to get me where I wanted to be. In the end it was harder to get me to keep my clothes on that get them off. I would spend pretty much the entire night naked except for my boots. Even when I gained about a stone and a half in weight from my medication, that was probably the height of my exhibitionism. I was clubbing semi-regularly at that point.

The past few years have changed in that I haven’t done a fetish club in years, and my exhibitionism has been online only and I’ve had to start learning how to actually take a good photo for myself. I’m now in my early thirties and still love my body and showing it off. Sure plenty has and still is changing about it but I’ve learned to love the changes too, and embrace those things (except those bags under my eyes, they can do one). Exhibitionism has changed the way I look at myself and actually improved my mental health in a big way. And as someone who loves to perform a big part of me just loves being the centre of attention, which probably explains why I hate voyeurism. But I’ll talk about that another time.

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