Bellesa Great On Paper is a new free porn site. It’s more ethical than the mainstream ones, and by women and aimed at women. We need this. Well, actually what we need is for it to be easier to remove the revenge, underage and sexual assault stuff that’s on the much bigger sites and for the uploads to only be from verified uploaders.

I had heard about Bellesa and heard its praises sung, which was a great start. And it’s nicely laid out, but most importantly it’s a free porn site that is ethical. It’s not just clips either, there’s photos and articles and you can even buy sex toys. As a site it’s pretty great. There’s not many categories, but then it’s still a fairly new site as far as I know so there’s still plenty of room to grow.

Their tagline is “The premier destination for all things female sexuality” and what I came away with was the feeling that my sexuality isn’t very female. I checked out the rough section and their rough was just not rough. I searched for some BDSM clips and it just wasn’t the BDSM I or anyone I know get up to. In a conversation with my partner recently I told him that if he ever fucks me like that I will kick him out of bed. But that’s just my personal taste.

It’s soft rock and I’m a metal head. It’s perfectly fine to like it but it just doesn’t tick my boxes. And I really wanted to love this site. Why wouldn’t I? But while it’s aimed at women and I am woman it’s depicting the kind of sex that has damn near put me in a stupor before it would give me an orgasm. And I did try a few videos, but even the descriptions were kind of saccharine and fluffy. I like my sex like I like my music, my fashion and basically everything in life, wild and rough around the edges. I can’t judge anyone for liking it, hell, I genuinely see the appeal.

Please don’t get me wrong here, the quality of the content is great. The clips look gorgeous, but it clearly isn’t aimed at me. And you know what? That’s absolutely fine, not everything is aimed at me and I don’t want it to be. Otherwise we would all be going round in black lipstick and listening to Angelspit. And I don’t want that. Actually, if you really like industrial music you should totally listen to Angelspit.

Am I a bad woman or feminist for not liking this though? I don’t think I am, and I’ve never thought about male or female gaze in what I’m watching. It just feels like we aregendering something that doesn’t need gendering in the first place. My cis male partner would probably enjoy these videos more than I do. I just really like stuff that’s made by kinky, independent creators that love what they do. There’s plenty of them out there, and I really hope that they would be just as welcome on this site.

Personally, I will be sticking with paying with my porn from independent content creators on sites like Many Vids. But I will be keeping an eye on Bellesa and seeing where they go next, because there is so much amazing potential and I love anything that makes porn a better industry.

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