Trying to Scratch an Itch While Ignoring Fifty Others

It’s been a rough few weeks, which is why my posting is a little all over the place of late. I’ve been trying so hard to wank so I could review my gorgeous new ice cream dildo but I just can’t concentrate. It’s been tough to keep my sex drive up while I am not allowed to actually have sex (is social distancing ever going to end?) and it’s even tougher when you’re itchy all over. So how do you keep the spark up with yourself?

I feel like I should have some magical answer to this, after all, isn’t that why you’re reading this? I guess you could be here to laugh at my pain and itching. Mostly itching. I looked like I had been dipped in jam, and I would’t mind being dipped in jam, but I can’t be thrown to the lesbians with this distancing.

I could say romance yourself, and you absolutely should, however sometimes being able to even make the first move can be very difficult. I’ve always found it easier to cook a nice meal if I’m making it for more than just me, but when I’m on my own it’s just a bowl of instant noodles. And this translates to sex drive too, I can’t be bothered when it’s just for me. Back in the great before it was easy to organise a regular date night, drinks, dinner maybe even a movie because I was going to be sharing them with my partner. It’s a lot of effort for just one person, but it’s worth it.

We need to make the effort with ourselves because we deserve it. We deserve to have our needs met and we need to fulfil them ourselves more than usual at the moment, so there is nothing wrong with turning your phone on silent, locking your bedroom door and having some well deserved you time. It’s an important part of keeping yourself sane, and we need to cling to what little sanity we can right now. It can be hard to make the first move on yourself, but you should, and if this itching ever stops, so will I.

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