Monthly Round Up

August Round Up

In all my naivety I thought things would be back to something more normal by now. That’s clearly a very long way off. But it’s not been a bad old month, here’s some of my highlights:


I got a lovely package from Organotoy and I’ve been loving their toys, and you can read my review of their small Ash here. I’ll be reviewing the others over in the future so do keep an eye out for those. If you want a fantasy dildo I can’t recommend them highly enough. Check them out here.

Boys Own Lube

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know it’s not been all fun for me this month, I got really badly bitten or had an allergic reaction that’s had my skin break out and itchy really badly and my Boys Own lube has been a big help, it has aloe in it and has really helped to soothe my skin. (It was late at night and I was desperate, turns out it was a really good idea.) It has been my go-to lube for years now and I will never stop singing its praises. If you’re interested in trying it for yourself you can get it from Amazon.

Quiet Nights In

I’ve been enjoying these more and more, especially now I’ve gotten an actual evening routine for the first time in my life. I’ve started meditating before bed, it’s not been easy learning to switch my brain off but I’m slowly getting there and sleeping easier. I’ve also managed to find some guided meditations that don’t involve visualisations.

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