Hello Again

Hello again, how have you been? I’ve been out of action with what is either a trapped nerve or a pulled muscle. It’s still not all better but I’m just about able to do a little typing again. But what I did to lay myself up and become basically useless for weeks? Was it some strange new sexual gymnastics? I wish? Was I rescuing a puppy from a burning building? My life just isn’t that exciting. Was I having any kind of fun at the time to make this pain worth it? No, I rolled over in bed and raised my head. That’s it. I’m falling to bits at 33.

So today I’m keeping it brief and letting you know what’s coming up over the next few weeks review rise. I’ve got two toy reviews from Organotoy, if you know anything about me it’s that I straight up adore their products and two book reviews. I’ve never done book reviews before but as someone who studied English literature after secondary school I’m sure I can do this.

So thank you to all of you for your patience while I’ve been gone but I couldn’t type, read or really do anything except lay in one position and watch TV. I’ve missed you all and it’s great to be back. See you all on Friday for a proper post.

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