Black Lipstick

I wear a lot of black lipstick. No, that’s not true, I only ever wear black lipstick. I don’t wear it much any more, lipstick and masks don’t seem to go hand in hand.

The latest Kink of the Week is also about lips and lipstick, lips are nice and all but I’ve never had a thing for them. I’ve had a few people say they like mine. But I’m not sure if I believe it as it was usually followed up by being expected to suck their dick. (Eww. Also no.) But oh god I love wearing lipstick. My partner loves me in black lipstick too. There’s only one problem, I’ve never found a kiss proof black lipstick.

I feel so sexy when I have my black lipstick on, it’s that dark, sexy goth look that I’ve always adored on others and on me. And there’s something very sexy about those lipstick kiss marks along a neck, and yeah red lipstick is nice and all, but for me it’s got to be black. My partner feels the same way. That and we have a bit of a history with red lipstick. I laugh about it now, at the time? Not so much, we were on our way to LAM and I had what is usually my kiss proof dark red. My partner kissed me and over my cheeks and when he pulled his face away he had left red marks across my face and it looked like I had a rash! It was not a cute look and I still can’t work out how he did it. My partner was mortified, I just wanted to get it off. With a little saliva and a tatty old receipt I found in my pocket I managed to get it off and it was all fine.

My partner has nice lips, I don’t zero in on them or anything but they are pretty damn great. It’s what comes out of his lips that drives me wild. He has the sexiest voice on the entire planet. It’s no secret that when I first heard him talk way back in 2013 I wanted to fuck him there and then. What I do love is what he does with his lips, he’s an amazing kisser and one of the very few people I’ve allowed to go down on me. And damn he’s good at that, he’s amazing.

I can’t wait for a day that I’ll be able to go out wearing lipstick again and making sure my partner is not wearing more of it than me just before he goes on stage. It’s going to be a while yet, but it’ll happen again one day.

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