Locktober and Gadgets

Last night my best friend showed me a BBC News article about the Cellmate chastity cage, and when we stopped laughing I knew I had to make todays post about not just Locktober as originally planned but about the Cellmate too. Synchronicity is a beautiful thing isn’t it?

Technology is always a risky thing and this isn’t the first time that there’s been a risk of an app activated sex toy being hacked. But there’s a bit of a difference between a a vibrator going off and your cock getting locked up with no way out. Because I know I can remove that vibrator. And I’ve never heard of one of those vibrators actually working as advertised but I digress. The crazy thing is about this toy is that there is no manual override which for me makes it a deal breaker. While chastity is not a part of my current relationship it has been a big part of it in many of my past ones and there has always been one important thing and that is safety. If it has been with someone I wasn’t living with or I was away a key would always be hidden somewhere at home in case of emergency.

That everyone wearing one could be suddenly locked in with the only way to get it out being of all things an angle grinder or bolt cutters to get out is kind of scary (even if I am still giggling about it) because that is one slip away from a penectomy. This has now thankfully been fixed and the power tools can stay in the tool box where they belong. But only if you have the updated app and even then there has been one faulty cage that has left a bad scar that took a month of recovery. Maybe we should stick with the old school cage and a padlock, the CB-X Chastity Plastic Locks are particularly good, as they do not need a key to unlock and are simply cut off while the unique code means you can’t take it off without getting caught out.

Locktober is all about spending October in chastity, but with the state of the world aren’t we all basically going through Locktober together? I haven’t had the opportunity to participate for a long time, and I do kind of miss it, having said that, for me chastity is about putting my pleasure front and centre of our sex life and my partner has done that from the start of our relationship. I’d say he came well trained but there was no training involved at all, he’s just that good.

I will be taking part in my own way and revisiting male chastity and talking about female and non binary chastity too.

Are you participating in Locktober? Maybe even extending it to no nut November. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And if you’re feeling brave and want a Cellmate of your own then you can get one from Honour for £159

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