Organotoy Egg Review

A little while ago I was sent a gorgeous little set of toys from Organotoy, you can read my review of their Ash here. Today I’m reviewing their Egg in a size small, and it’s currently my only egg.

I love those beautiful swirls of colour

The Egg, like all their toys is made of high quality, body safe silicone and I chose my favourite colours black and pink. As soon as it came out of the box I knew it was going to need a stand so it could live on my toy shelf (which still hasn’t been put up) because it really is that beautiful. It has a beautiful shine and lovely strong colours. I love the swirls of colour too. It really is one of the most beautiful sex toys I own. The silicone is also lovely and squishy, perfect since I very rarely actually like firmer dildos. The small Egg is 2.95in long and has a diameter of 6.18in. Eggs are not suitable for anal play as they do not have a flared base and there is a very high risk that they will require medical removal.

I was sensible for once and do make my usual “eyes bigger than my cunt” mistake as I have with a few of my bigger toys. I warmed myself up with my small Ash and my favourite lube before moving up to the Egg. As I was applying my favourite lube I won’t lie, I had a moment of “am I going to be able to get this out again?” You can get this toy with a chain if that is a worry for you. But I’ve pushed toys out in the past so I wasn’t too worried. But they were dildos I could easily pull out and not something my cunt could swallow up. But I’d seen enough people with cunts using one to know it looked hot so I wasn’t backing out now.

I slowly pushed the Egg in, it is a little wider than the Ash so I had to take it a little slowly but once I was just at that widest point it slid right in and it felt… really weird. Like nothing I had experienced before. But I also really liked it, it’s not something you can thrust with obviously but it does give you a full feeling. Well, it was in and now it was time to find out of I could get it back out again. And I did without a problem. The one thing I wasn’t expecting is that it felt more like it was stretching me coming out than it did going in.

If you like the full feeling the Egg is fantastic, you can be full and there is nothing to get in the way of clitoral stimulation something I need when I masturbate. I do love the way it feels when being pushed out although I did miss the thrusting sensation I get from a standard dildo. Which is why I then moved onto their Licorn, which I’ll be reviewing next week so I won’t say any more on that for now.

Do I recommend it? Yeah, if you want to try and Egg the small is a great size to start with if you’ve not played with an Egg before and that day I knew I wanted to get the next size up at some point. And while I’m sure there’s a UK company I could buy a bigger size from it is going to have to be another Organotoy for me.

If you want one for yourself you can get it here.

I was sent this toy for free but not paid for this review and this post contains no affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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