Revisiting Chastity

I wrote a post all about male chastity back when I first started the blog, looking back as much as I like it it is not trans inclusive and that is why it needs revisiting. And chastity is seen as a very cis male thing and that’s just not true. It’s time to talk about chastity beyond the binary and what better time than Locktober?

Look up chastity just about anywhere and it is almost all aimed at cis men, back in the Tumblr days it was just about all I could find, even putting female chastity in it was mostly about guys in chastity. But there are plenty of other people on the gender spectrum who have a chastity fetish. And I have found this incredibly frustrating, sometimes you want to see some femsub stuff and it is a lot of sifting to get nowhere as a rule. It’s time to break the binary and embrace this fetish for all genders.

Chastity devices are still gendered, now we are becoming more accepting of genitals not equalling gender and hopefully sex toy sites will start to embrace that too. Renaming something for the genitals that are being locked up works just as well. (This post is becoming more about the problem with cis-normativity than I was planning.) What genitals a person has is none of your damn business, but chastity is actually about genitals so it’s a place we really need to break our binary thinking.

There is a lot more choice and selection out there for those with a penis when it comes to cages and even belts. But getting a vulva locked away is a lot tougher. In fact I was recently looking at chastity devices for vulvas on a very big sex toy website and the only ones I could find were leather. Leather is porous and would require a lot of cleaning to keep hygienic. It also excludes people who don’t like or don’t use leather. And that’s plenty of people. So I tried a smaller but kink centric company and they didn’t have any vulva chastity devices at all. Now this is going to be because if there isn’t a lot of demand for it, they’re a business who needs to make money. This doesn’t make it any less frustrating. If you don’t have a dick you’re going to have a tough time.

Being a key holder is a very powerful feeling, I talked about that in my original post and it’s a powerful feeling no matter the gender the person in chastity. I really hope things are going to start changing and that it will stop being such a cis male dominated fetish, because why shouldn’t it be more inclusive?

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