Loving and Fearing Anal

I really enjoy anal, the fact that I’ve had it about twice in two and a half years may not make it look like that though.

The thing is, and anyone who engages in anal play will back me up on this, is that it can get unintentionally messy. Now I know you can use an anal douche but as I mentioned in my very first post they should be used very sparingly. I never really used to be that worried about it, certainly not in the past but then I was hit with this sudden fear.

First of all, my partner has phimosis and that can make cleaning your penis a little challenging, and when it come to anal cleanliness is very important. Of course we could use condoms and I do highly recommend you do if you are having anal sex but that just means his penis isn’t going to get dirty. I’m just too easily embarrassed to do something I enjoy because I’ve found the one person on the planet I can actually feel embarrassed around.

Now, a sensible person that talks as openly about sex as I do would just have a conversation about this with their loved one. I am just not that sensible, and it’s crazy as I love anal and a simple conversation would mean I could be having all the anal I want. In a parallel universe where we are allowed to have sex with people we don’t live with any way.

Anal has always been one of my favourite things to do. When I suffered worse with vaginismus a few years ago anal was less painful and just as if not more pleasurable. But I had enjoyed it before then and it was always an active part of my sex life and fingers crossed it’ll be an active part of my sex life again one day soon.

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