Organotoy Licorne Review

This is the last (for now) of my Organotoy reviews, previous reviews were for the small Ash and small Egg. I was sent this toy for free but I’m not being paid for this review and all opinions are my own and there are not affiliate links.

Black and pink Licorne dildo by Organotoy on light wood shelf with light wood background
Even the base is textured which just makes it even more beautiful

As with all of their toys it is body safe materials and comes in a plain cardboard box. It’s very squishy, it’s probably by far the softest toy I own. Mine is in black and pink to match my other toys but this one has a hint of glitter that is firmly in there which does not shed and a stripe of bright green at its base. It’s 7.1in in length with a usable length of 6.1in and is 6.8in circumference at its widest point. The base is huge so its also perfect for anal play. Just remember to use a lot of lube and work up to it very slowly.

It’s design is inspired by a unicorn horn but unlike many other unicorn horn styles I’ve seen has a much more rounded point. The ridge going down the length is also quite deep and reminds me a lot of a self tapping screw and I really like it as it give it a lot of great texture. And we know I’m all about the texture.

Close up of the shaft of the Licorne by Organotoy in black and pink with pink glitter with a light wood background
Those ridges do feel every bit as good as they look

I did warm up a lot before using this, first with my Ash and then my Egg, it was an entire Organotoy wank. The base on this toy is huge so it was one I found it easier to ride rather than thrust with, although I did find I could but it took two hands to use it.

The deep ridges don’t just look good, they feel it too. I’ve found there are some textured toys that can feel uncomfortable pretty quick once you start using them and that’s where the softness really seems to help because I used this for ages. Not because I couldn’t orgasm but because I wanted to keep using it I enjoyed it that much. You can really feel the swirl going down its length as you use it which is exactly what I want from a textured toy.

I wasn’t able to fit it entirely inside me using it vaginally but anally I think I could, with a lot of work. Work that I will be putting in at some point. I managed just up to about the last inch and I want to feel that last bit too. Of all of my big toys this is my favourite, it has everything I want in a sex toy from the texture to the softness and it looks beautiful too.

I really can’t fault any of the toys I’ve had from this company and the people that run it are so lovely. I can’t recommend this company enough if you want a fantasy sex toy and I really hope I get to work with them again in the future.

Base of the Licorne by Organotoy in pink and black with a stripe of bright green at the bottom on a light wood shelf with a light wood background
I just really wanted to show off how cool even the base looks and that cool little pop of green

If you want a Licorne of your own you can get it here and follow them on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

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