Mad Scientists

Carrying on spooky week I thought I would go for something we can bring to life. The mad scientist. Really Bambi? How do we do this? Well, buckle up buttercup because we’re going to talk about some erotic hypnosis fun, going forward there will be some bondage, orgasms and all the usual mad scientist horror trappings.

A mad scientist can take control suddenly, or slowly without you knowing or perhaps you’re more the type to just hand it over willingly. You did totally decide to do that didn’t you, I mean, it’s not like they could have tricked you. Could they? I’m sure they didn’t. Mostly.

What are they going to do with you? Maybe strap and tie you down and tease you until you’re as mad from frustration as them? Or move where you can orgasm to somewhere as strange as an elbow. Why would they do that? Well, wouldn’t you if you could? Oh, you’re too tied down. Never mind.

The amazing thing is, you can totally make those things happen. Hell, if you don’t have aphantasia (no minds eye, something less than about 5% of the population suffer with there’s no reason you couldn’t see those things. Hell, you can feel them too. It depends on a few factors but it’s all very magically doable. OK, not magic, it’s all mad scientist stuff. But the thing is, with just words, be they written on a screen (that’s something I learned this year) or spoken in your ear you can put a person in that horror movie setting. Sure it has its limitations but it’s still worth a try. You just have to find the right person or audio file.

So, just what would it feel like if the tip of your nose was touched and the longer it was touched for the closer you would be brought to orgasm? We could always find out. Would you feel silly? It would certainly look very silly wouldn’t it? Or maybe you’d be far too wrapped up in the pleasure to care. It’s not like it can be stopped and you certainly aren’t going anywhere tied down like that. Or perhaps…no that’s just a bit too cruel. Or is it? Maybe we should ask you. If only you could speak but your voice has disappeared. I wonder where that went, no matter, I’m sure it’ll be back. Eventually. Well, maybe those invisible hands should just tickle you. Why not? Yes I am mad and possibly evil. But hey, you wanted this remember?

OK all, back to the real world of no mad scientists. I have been seriously considering taking up hypnosis, since I struggle to be hypnotised it seems like it’s the only way I’m going to enjoy it. I’ve got some script ideas in my head that I’ll be working on, not until December but still, I have got some ideas. What do you think? Would you be interested? Let me know in the comments.

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