I Miss Flirting

I miss flirting. I miss a lot of things but the latest Kink of the Week has reminded me just how much I miss flirting and I didn’t even realise it until I started to think about it.

I’ve always been a flirty person with everyone, it was the only way I seemed to know how to behave. But when it was someone I genuinely liked, and I have been physically attracted to very few people in my life I was very different. When I met my partner, who I still maintain is the sexiest person I’ve ever laid eyes on in every damn way, I flirted hard. Well, I called it flirting, I think anyone else within earshot or looking our way would more of called it all but physically throwing myself at him. I could certainly never have been accused of subtlety when it came to flirting with people I really wanted. And then the second time we saw each other we hugged, and yes I absolutely instigated that, I honestly struggled to put him down. Some things never change.

If you’ve read past posts about our relationship you’ll know I have fancied my partner for a very long time, and I still do to this day. Even now nearly three years later I don’t just love him I fancy the pants off of him, even more now than when we first got together. I don’t flirt when I’m out and being social any more, it turns out all my flirty energy is for one man. But then I have found the one person I see me spending the rest of my life with.

I can’t wait for the world to go back to normal or at least something like it, to touch him, hold him and flirt again.

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