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2021 Blog Goals

Suffice to say my goals for last year were not even close to being hit, aside from maybe the building my social media but even then I wasn’t as good with that as I’d like to have been. But this year made human dumpster fires of basically all of us. But that was 2020 and next year will hopefully be better, with that in mind here’s what I want to achieve next year.

  • Make the blog prettier. I’m still not happy with how this looks, the main page is really bland because I am just not technically minded enough to do a really good job. I’m starting to have to admit to myself this will be an outsourcing job. But as the blog grows I want it to be the best it can be, since I plan to stick with it for a long time to come.
  • Get more photos up. Most of my posts, this one included don’t have any photos and I really want to go back and put photos to go with all of the posts. This is obviously not something that’s going to happen overnight and will take ages to catch up on but I like to think over the span of a year I could get it done.
  • Do more reviews. I have discovered I really enjoy doing reviews, they have had some of my best feedback of all of my content so it’s something I would like to explore further.
  • Get higher that the transphobes on the Kinkly blog list rankings. Yeah, this is petty and I know it. I was so happy about making the Kinkly sex blogging heroes list this year. It was my first ever time making a list like that, this was very quickly soured when a transphobe won best new blog. Kinkly did very fucking little and honestly as much as I want to say fuck that site I want to just beat the transphobes in these lists so maybe it will bury them a bit.

None of us really know what next year is going to bring, so I thought I’d best make these goals pretty small by and large easy to control. The last is obviously just me being a petty bitch, but we’re all guilty of that once in a while.

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