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2021 Life Goals

It’s safe to say not much has been achieved this year and the things I did were certainly not what I set out to. But I am thinking about the things I would like to do next year outside of the blog. And since we don’t know what next year is going to be like, I’m keeping it very simple.

  • Do NaNoWriMo again. I think completing it this year was one of my highlights of 2020. And I’m already planning and worldbuilding for the next project. I really hope that I’ll be able to complete it again in 2021 since this is very different from what I worked on this year.
  • Build up the YouTube channel. I am planning videos and I have not meant for it to be so long between videos but obviously other projects took over my life just as I was starting it. But I promise that I will be back on there with regular videos. There are some things that will just be easier to do in videos over the written word.
  • Get my tattoo finished. You might have seen the skull on my arm and the dot work beneath it, that dot work needs finishing to turn it into jellyfish tentacles. And this has gone on for far too long now.

Do you have any goals for 2021 or will you just be happy to see it after the clusterfuck that was 2020?

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