Small Snowman Butt Plug Review

What’s this a review in the middle of my month of lists? Yes! Because I’m in charge and I can. (It’s not even Friday I hear you cry! Yeah, well that’s because Royal Mail is overworked right now.) Gem’s Little Pink Box have released their Christmas line for the whole of December and it is of course as cute, weird and textured as you would expect. I’m not usually a Christmas person, I’m all about Halloween but I knew I wanted to try one of the Christmas toys so I ordered myself a small snowman. Yes I paid for this toy out of my own pocket. But was it worth it?

Well just as an unusual Christmas decoration I would say so. I mean come on, look how cute it is, and it goes so well with my tree! Of course it does, you can pick your colours so my snowman has a fabulous pink hat. The silicone is nice and sturdy and the base is so much better than on the Halloween pumpkin plug as there’s a proper stem and then a flat flared base making it far more safe for anal play.

I’m actually writing my review with it in and it feels pretty good. Surprisingly big for a small plug but then I’ve barely done any anal play all year, something I think I want to change for next year. I’ve owned, hell I own, a ridged butt plug, which is basically what this is, but the hat gives it a very different feeling as it’s nothing like the rest of the toy. I really like it. And it feels really comfortable in. But big enough for me at least, to always be aware of it when I move even a little bit.

I’ve not had it in for long but the silicone base is really comfortable it’s not got too much bend to it but it’s been flexible enough to stay comfortable. Metal plugs are obviously not so kind when it comes to longer term wear. I didn’t expect to and maybe I’m imagining it but I can really feel the nose and the hat inside me. And there’s a sentence I never in my life thought I would type!

Pulling it out was pretty comfortable and easy, because obviously I needed to do that before I finished this review. The hat was an interesting experience because it goes from the rounded body and head to a flat but it’s smaller than what came before it so it’s not uncomfortable. And after many years of sticking things in my backside it was really cool to have been given a new anal experience.

My only real criticism is that I wish the stem of the plug was a bit longer so it would sit in me a little better but then I am a fan of long stems on plugs. But really that’s it. Lets be honest, no toy is ever perfect and we all have our own little things on what we like in a toy and if a longer stem is it then I’d say it’s doing pretty damn well. It’s absolutely worth the £15 I paid for it. And thanks for the little extras Gem!

If you want one of your own they’re available until the 31st of December from Etsy or the Website and you can follow Gem on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with sales and new products.

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  • Gemslittlepinkbox

    Your so welcome! I always love your review!! Thanks for being honest, funny and critical. It’s how I learn 💖💖💖

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