5 Things About Me

For a blogger I’m pretty damn private, I talk a lot about kinks in a fairly general sense and I’ve talked here and there about my sex life so I thought maybe it was time to talk about me a bit and start being a little more open with my life. So here are five things about me you probably didn’t know.

  1. I started exploring my kinks and BDSM at 19, and I’m genuinely shocked when I look back at just how much my kinks and fetishes have changed. I’ve tried a lot over the years and some things stuck and others did not. Some I don’t get to enjoy because of limits imposed by my body (hypnosis and fisting) and others I’ve realised have some pretty big cross over that I only really thought about once I started writing in depth about what gets me off.
  2. I’ve been writing about sex and BDSM on and off for about ten years. Yeah, it’s really been that long and I’ve come a long way since my Blogger days. I never kept my blogs up because they were always so tightly linked to my relationship and when the relationship ended or started going sour I would delete them because I didn’t want to keep a record of whatever a-hole I had split from. But I’ve been thinking more and more about sharing my private life because I’m not dating a total wank stain any more.
  3. I hate social media. Yeah, you might have been able to guess this one from how sporadically I post, which has probably been why I don’t get as much traffic to the blog as I would like, but I can’t help it I just find it so bad for my mental health being somewhere that always seems to be so angry. My November detox was just so nice, I really am struggling to come back. And I feel like I never have much to say.
  4. I don’t like the fetish scene. I’m not saying it’s a bad place, but I’ve never felt like I belonged there. I’ve been judged and put down for being monogamous which I’m sorry I do not need to put up with in my social life. Yeah that really is my main reason for not feeling like I fit in, but I’m in the minority and while I don’t expect people to change for me I don’t think I’m asking too much to just have my consensual relationship choices accepted and respected. That and it’s kind of clique-y. I love the open mic comedy scene though, I feel right at home there.
  5. I constantly feel a need to change my look. I think part of this is constantly needing to move on and put big pieces of my past as far behind me as possible, my biggest change in a while came at the end of last summer when I really fell out of love with my favourite clothing brand, mostly because of how they treated someone I love and partly because the quality of their clothes had really dipped while prices did not. Then a few months later my hair had finally had enough with being bleached and I had to quit dying it pink.

Is there anything you’d like to know about me? I’d love to start being more open about my private life on the blog so let me know what kind of things you’d like me to talk about.

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