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2020 Round Up

I wasn’t going to, but I really needed to take a little time off. I’ve been trying to do far too much lately and then there was the whole Christmas period. I hope you all had a good one even if it wasn’t what we had been hoping for. Anyway, for the last post of the year I thought I would do something really tough a round up of all the good things from this year. I mean, there has to be some right?

I was going to do something from every month but that just got depressing really fast. So what good things have come out of 2020? I discovered some great new sex toy companies, done some wonderful reviews and most importantly of all I am still alive and so are the people I love. It has been undeniably tough for all of us and I was hoping I’d be able to start work this year but that has been put on the back burner for now. I have taken this year to just work on my mental health and a few other little things in my private life. I’ve also been saving up and working on a fair few behind the scenes things. It’s going ok, not as well as I’d like it to be but then given the circumstances it’s been ok.

I made my first YouTube video and I will be making my next one soon I promise. I was hoping to get it done back in December but due to one thing or another it just didn’t happen. But I have some fun video ideas for things that will be easier to do as videos than just through text. Fingers crossed my next video should be up in the new year and I’ll probably do a video a month all going well.

I completed my first NaNoWriMo this year and I’m so happy about that and it has really ignited my desire to write fiction again. I’ve been planning my next project and hopefully this will be something I can consider publishing when it’s ready. But all of that is a very long way down the line.

Then there is the last week or so and finally deciding after years of wanting to do it actually embracing my bimbo side. Of course that’s a long process and I’m probably picking one of the worst times to start this journey but we all start things in our lives when we are ready and not before. I will be talking about this in one of my first posts in the new year so I’ll not go into too many details right now.

I think that’s about everything at this point. Like many I am glad to see the end of this year, but the start of 2021 is not going to be any easier. We shall just have to see how things play out.

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