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I Started Keeping A Wanking Diary

Well, hello 2021, please for the love of every god and goddess be better than 2020. So I’ve started keeping a tracker of my wanking habits, because of course I have. What else am I going to do to keep me sane? But there’s more to it than just giving myself something a little more to do.

I know some people keep a tracker of their sex lives but sex is a bit off the table at the moment with the state of the world and all that (I’m writing this in about mid December 2020) so wanking it is. And it kind of makes sense to do this anyway because with my medication, mental illnesses (yes plural, misery loves company) and of course my not very pleasant past I thought it might be interesting to look into my getting off patterns. I was going to start in January but why wait?

So why am I doing it I hear you cry? Well I thought it would be good to see if there are any patterns in my wanking habits and how things like my period, where my mental health is and times of the year since I do struggle mentally some months more than others. I’m hoping that keeping a track on my wanking habits will also help me keep a track on my mental health and maybe even my periods which have been going a bit haywire lately. Am I early? Am I late? On time? Who even knows any more?

I’ve put together a list of the things I want to keep a track of and I’ve decided to keep it fairly simple since this is a new idea and I feel it’ll be easier to add stuff if I feel it’s important down the line than fuss with removing stuff I don’t think is important down the line. The plan as it stands is to track the following;

  • Time – Just because, I mean I already know I do most of my masturbating before bed but it’s still nice to keep a record. Maybe it’ll help me beat my sleep pattern into submission.
  • Orgasms – If I do and how many. I have a pretty high success rate, but it’ll be interesting to see just how high we’re talking.
  • Porn – If I watched it and what I watched. I’d love to see how my turn ons change over the year.
  • Toys – Pretty self explanatory, what I used (if anything) to get myself off.
  • Notes – Ok not something I’m tracking but it is something I thought it was important to throw in, like if I’m doing a toy review it might be worth throwing in.

Do you keep any kind of sex or masturbation tracker? I’d love to hear about it and what details you track.


  • Jenna

    New concept to me. I just read a post from another blogger who published their spreadsheet roundup comparing the figures from 2020 to 2019. I have to say – I cannot see myself keeping a record of my sex life on a spreadsheet – for me it takes away the whole wild and spontaneous side of sex by putting a tracker on it. But for sexy accountants then maybe there is an appeal?
    Or people who count their calories or their daily steps, maybe they want to start counting their orgasms too?

    Maybe I need a glass of wine or two before I see the appeal of it?
    I actually started to wonder if they used the spreadsheet to make graphs and pie charts for themselves – but you see math was not my favourite subject at school – more poetry and literature….and sports.

    • bambibiohazard

      I hate maths too, I can barely add up my skills are so poor. But for me a lot of it is down to how bad my mental health is and seeing if I can spot any patterns to improve my mental health and healing after prior abuse. There’s not a huge amount of appeal and I won’t be tracking my sex life, not much point with lockdowns anyway. It doesn’t take away spontaneity since I don’t do it the second I’m done or anything just that I thought it would help me work out where my head is at.

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