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Two Years In

It’s the blog’s second anniversary. Actually, I think’s it’s just past but shhh, I won’t tell if you don’t. It’s been a crazy couple of years and this is certainly not where I expected to be two years on. So, what have I learned in that time and where are things going?

Well, I’ve learned that I really enjoy writing reviews, when I did my first reviews way back in 2019 I know they weren’t particularly good. Now I am writing reviews I’m really proud of. I’m really hoping that I can get to work with more awesome people and write more reviews in the future. I don’t currently have any planned but hopefully that will change.

It’s really hard to write about sex and kink when you’re not getting any. Well, no one saw lockdown after lockdown and all of us who can’t afford live with our partners be forced into chastity but here we are. New year, same tired old shit from last year. It has been a real struggle for me to write about the things I love when I’m not getting them, my partner isn’t comfortable with things like sexting so all I’ve got is porn and wanking. Perhaps I’ll start doing porn reviews and recommendations seeing as none of us are actually getting our end away.

I never thought my kinks would change so much in two years, sure they’ve changed a lot over the years but I’ve been doing kink for fifteen years this year and of course things change over that long, but two years? It’s kind of cool to have that record and it’s something I didn’t expect to get out of this blog as such, especially seeing as when I started it was mostly talking about kinks and sex advice and it wasn’t particularly personal.

I’m not totally sure where the blog is going, I think it’s becoming more personal than I had intended it to and some of the things I planned on using the website for I haven’t actually been doing, like advertising my clips as they came out since that has been pushed back yet again. It’s going to happen but it’s just another thing postponed due to the whole end times things that we’re in. But I do know I’ve really enjoyed the past two years, even when it has been really tough, so here’s to the next two years. I’m off to have a slice of cake and celebrate.

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