How I Got My Bounce Back

Over the Christmas period I decided that I had had enough, I was and still am healing from years of abuse but felt like I had hit a roadblock and was no longer healing but just sort of sat where I was. I felt I had basically gotten everything I could out of professional psychological help and just did not know where I was meant to go next with moving on. And then I had my lightbulb moment.

I’ve been into bimbofication for years and been dipping my toes in and out of it over the years, and always been talked out of it by partners who whinged about “not liking extreme looks” in spite of dating someone covered in tattoos and piercings. But that’s a rant for a whole other day. And so I just turned my back on it and kept bumbling through as I was. And then over the past week or two I just decided that I’d had enough, I deserve a body I love, I deserve a look I love and I want to reclaim my sexuality again after feeling like it had been taken from me. And I decided to become the goth bimbo I’ve wanted to be for so many years.

My partner has been so wonderful and supportive, he’s happy that I’m taking steps to be happier and he’s loved a lot of the bimbo inspiration pictures I’ve showed him which has really helped. He’s letting me do this for myself and not putting pressure on me to do it for him which is exactly what I needs. He’s happily letting me get on with where I want to go with it and is really looking forward to the results.

I’m still working out my goals and aims at the moment, there’s a few cosmetic surgeries I would like to get done, change up my wardrobe for a more sexy goth look rather than my usual lazy one, get better at applying my makeup which is something I’ve been trying to do on and off for years and I would just like my mindset to be that bit more positive, like it used to be. I’ll be updating with my bimbo journey on here of course and if you have any clothing brands that are worth checking out or makeup tutorials to help me with the look side please do leave some links for me in the comments!

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