Bimbo Diaries

Bimbo Diaries Part One

I’ve been slowly (very slowly) working towards having the body and lifestyle that I’ve wanted for so many years and I’ve always either been talked out of or not felt brave enough to go for. But a few weeks ago I decided to just embrace my inner alternative slut. So what has that entailed, so far these are the changes I’m making;

  • Exercise – I don’t like numerical goals because I I don’t think they’re healthy but I want to lose a bit of weight on my stomach and build some muscle in a couple of places.
  • Deepthroat practice – I really want to be able to deepthroat and I’m practicing for at the moment three minutes every night, I’ll up it to five minutes the following week. And I have a really strong gag reflex so that’s going to take me a while.
  • Makeup practice – I’ve always wanted to be good at makeup and finally I’m taking the time in lockdown to get better at it. I’ve not got anywhere to be so no one can see the fuck ups which is nice. I did have to throw out a lot of old makeup this week though. An I mean a lot.
  • Morning and evening skincare routines – I’ve never taken much care of myself, but as I’m getting disturbingly close to my mid thirties (yikes) I thought it was time to change that. So now I’m hunting through cruelty free and vegan (how the fuck can stuff be vegan if it’s tested on animals? A rant for a blog that’s not this one) skincare stuff. I’m having a go with what I’ve got and I’m sure that routine will keep changing over time.

That’s all I have at the moment, and I have a cute diary that I’m keeping daily to help me with doing things like my skincare as I’m terrible at keeping with new habits even when I want to keep them, but goals require some serious work. I can’t wait to have some really cute photos of my progress to show you all.

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