Monthly Round Up

Monthly Round Up January

The first month of the year is over, we’re still under a fairly strict lockdown and I’ve not been up to a hell of a lot. But I’ll be having a crack at keeping this whole monthly round up thing going anyway, because I haven’t just been sat in bed growing my fingernails and losing political arguments with my toaster.

My Birthday

I know I talked about my birthday already but I’m going over it again because it’s my blog and I can. It was a really lovely day, even with the circumstances being what they were. It had good food, I was spoilt and I got to go for a lovely walk in the snow. What more could I want? Well, sex with my partner would have been nice. I also got a couple of late birthday presents, my favourite of them all being the portrait my partner had done of me as Maleficent.

How awesome is my partner for this?

Yeah, I started sort of keeping a journal again to get stuff off of my chest. Journaling privately has been great for my mental health and I highly recommend it. And if you’re not sure if it’s for you remember you don’t have to go down the old pen and paper route, you can use a computer, phone, hell even a typewriter, whatever medium works for you.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

I love this show, I have for years and having both the US and UK versions airing right now has helped me get through the week. I love the gorgeous outfits the queens wear, the queens themselves and the Rats challenge in a recent UK episode was one of my favourite challenges of all time. It’s colourful and fun and just what I need right now.

Writing these posts is really tough right now but it is also great to have something that is making me look for the positive things that have come out of every month.

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