All Day Sessions

Well hello there! I’m back from a very rough and uninspired mental health time but that seems to be over and done with I’ll be coming back and doing my best to keep up with posts. Although I may well stop being so rigid with my posting schedule. So who knows what will happen next. Isn’t it exciting?

That said, shall we have a proper blog post? Last night I was talking with my partner last night about a show he has been watching. I, Claudius of all things and in the episode someone’s wife has a competition with a sex worker for who could bed the most lovers in a day. I think I could only win this if I threw my partner at the sex worker as a ringer (as you may know he has phimosis and getting an orgasm is a workout in and of itself).

And this put a thought in my head, because an all day fuckathon, which is exactly what I called it last night, is a damn marathon. And if you can’t go into a marathon dry you certainly can not under any circumstances go into an all day fuckathon dry. Because that’s how you don’t walk for a month. So how do you prepare a cunt for one of these? Foreplay! And here is the warmup I gave last night. Only expanded because I’m not writing it on a tiny little phone keyboard with my thumbs.

Now first up is lube, and remember, not all lubes are created equally. Go for something nice and thick that is going to last, and I recommend the little black dress of lubes, water based. Because it goes with everything. From latex wear to your favourite silicone dildo. My personal recommendation is of course Boys Own, which also feels good on insect bites the season for that is coming up.

Now you’ve got your industrial sized container of lube I always start with fingers, remember this is just foreplay and going hard to begin with means you’re going home earlier so start off gently, start with a little clit play just enough to tease before those fingers (I like two as a start) go inside my cunt. Oh, make sure you have cut your nails before starting because a bloody handprint on the wall is a mood killer. But enough of my twenties. If you want to hit the g-spot, which is what I’m going to recommend, curl your fingers up and you’ll feel a sort of soft, spongy bit. That’s what you want to be stimulating. An orgasm will loosen the cunt up a bit, but then you might want to just tease them. Whatever floats your boat. Or sinks your battleship, I’m not hear to judge.

When they feel loose enough for a third finger I’d go for that. Three fingers for me is usually all it takes to comfortably that a dick or a toy. If you don’t want to use your fingers, or they’re starting to cramp a stretcher is a good shout. I’m very fond of the Dino Slug by John Thomas toys. Just remember keep topping that lube up, even if that cunt is dripping, go for some more lube. It’s going to make what you’re doing the most comfortable it can be.

And now that cunt should be all warmed up and ready to go for a nice long session. Just don’t forget to hydrate and have a banana (no, don’t put it there) because potassium is good for your stamina. And you’re going to need it. This advice is also pretty solid for anal play, I just don’t recommend the dino slug because it doesn’t have a flared base. There’s some great plugs out there though, just remember to start small and build your way up.

And there you have it, my all day session advice, and when this lockdown is over one or two of us might well need this advice. I know I plan on not being able to walk for a week when this is over. Oh, who won the competition? The woman that gave the challenge, when the sex worker lost she asked “What is that woman made of? Tired old boots?”

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