Bimbo Diaries

Bimbo Diaries Part 2

I nearly totally forgot to do this post! That’s the problem with February it’s so short I forget that it’s already the end of the month. But I’m still working towards my goals as much as I can. But honestly I just want to choke on my partners cock and be called a good girl so bad right now that everything feels a bit of a struggle.

I’ve had some health problems so things haven’t been as sparkly and awesome as I would like. Nothing scary just things that stop me in my tracks a bit. But I’m getting into a habit of a night time skin routine and a habit of wearing bras since I have these silicone bra inserts to make them look a little bigger until I can get an actual boob job.

My sex drive has really come back this past few days now I’m on the mend which is awesome! I’ve really missed it so I’m glad it’s finally come home. Now it just has to stay, I will tie it to the bed if I have to. And now I’m thinking about doing an anal only march. I used to do a lot more anal play and I could easily take a dick but these days I struggle to get my smallest plug in so I need to work on changing that. So my next goal is a month of anal only, and getting back into deepthroat training since I’ve been a bit naughty with that. (It’s really hard to stay on track when you’re doing it all on your own! Maybe I need some bimbo friends.)

My partner called me bimbo in a text last week and that was pretty hot and did help me drag myself back on track after the health problems. I really needed to hear it I think.

I guess that’s kind of all for the month, I can’t wait to share how my anal only month goes at the end of March!

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