G-Silicone Plug B Review

I’ve finally brought my first sex toy of 2021, the Plug B from Godemiche, I’ve got two of their dildos the Adam and Ambit so I was really looking forward to my first plug from them and it’s my first purchase since they brought out the cosmos collection.

The plug comes in small and large, I got the small which is 7cm from base to tip, with an insertable length of 6cm and is 9cm at the widest point. I got myself the small in Mercury’s Black Rainbow (I very nearly got Lost in Uranus because who doesn’t want a butt plug in a name that colour?) and it turned up quicker than I was expecting and in its usual discreet packaging. It is about the same size as my other small butt plugs but unlike the metal ones has a t-shaped base so it sits between my butt cheeks so much more comfortably.

If you’ve read my other reviews (and you totally should when you’re done here) for this company you’ll know that the quality is amazing and that’s no different with this toy. It’s small, it’s cute, it’s black and sparkly and beautifully made. But is it comfortable?

As a huge fan of anal I wish I had this plug many years ago. It’s one of, if not the most comfortable plug I have ever worn. I wore it all day and only took it out in the evening for a couple of hours. And of course in the interest of science and a fair review I slept with it in. And it was still comfortable the next morning. If you’re going to do this yourself you really need a high quality, thick, water based lube or it will get uncomfortable.

I’ve recently been getting back into anal after a very long time away or with only doing very little so I thought the small would be best for me, I am however already thinking about getting the medium (and if you’re reading this a large would be awesome too!) and now I just have to decide if I want it in the same colour or if I’m going to have that Lost in Uranus plug.

If you want a body safe, colourful butt plug you really can’t go wrong with Godemiche. Actually if you want a colourful, well priced and body safe toy you just can’t go wrong with them.

If you want one of your own you can get it here.

This post does not contain affiliate links, I just really like sharing the awesome sex toys and companies I get them from with my readers.

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