The Collar I Wore Once

Yes this was supposed to be an Organotoy review but I’ve been ill and unable to wank or even think about wanking since Thursday evening so I haven’t had a chance to use them yet. As soon as I’m well again I’ll be getting the first review up. But for now I’m going to do something I usually wouldn’t, talk about something from a previous relationship.

Recently I was looking through Etsy and saw a collar, it was the one my ex brought me. It was black leather with circular cut outs with dark red satin in them. It was lovely. But something I would never have picked for myself in a million years and did not like it. Bare in mind I was a cyberpunk at the time and wore nothing but very bright colours.

When he first got me to try and wear it I was in a really shitty place, I was incredibly depressed (something that lifted about ten seconds after I broke up with him oddly) and he pressured me to get naked and close my eyes. He put it on me and tried to get me to blow him. Because that is exactly what someone in a really bad headspace needs. Seriously, never do this. I took the damn thing off, put my clothes on and somehow I ended up having to comfort him because he was upset.

I never wore it again, in fact it got thrown to the back of my toy cupboard and did not think about it much again. It was also really stiff and uncomfortable. A while after my partner and I started having sex we went through the toys in my cupboard and I threw out some old and not great quality ones as we went through them. And there it was, still at the back of my shelf. Without a second look it went in the bin where, in my opinion it belonged.

Perhaps if I’d known someone that would have liked it I’d have given it away but I genuinely never wanted to see that damn thing ever again. I’ve owned a lot of collars over the years, they’re a big part of my look and I have never only worn one once before or since. I’d actually forgotten about it again until the other day when it came up while I was looking through Etsy again. Which is when I decided to write this post.

I’m not sure if there’s a moral to this story. Don’t be a cunt maybe? Yeah, lets say that’s it.

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