Organotoy Geometrix Review

Organotoy sent me this for free a little while ago and finally I have been well enough to have some fun with it and tell you lovely lot all about it.

This is totally what dicks in PS1 games would look like right?

Organotoy make gorgeous silicone toys, and I have raved about the previous three that were sent my way. They have a great range of colours and if you’ve been around my social media for at all then you’ll know just how much I love them.

The small Geometrix is based on realistic toys have a penis head and balls but takes me way back to the PlayStation One days with the geometric shapes. The small is 8.3in high with an insertable length of 6.7in with a 5.9in circumference at the widest part. For a small it certainly doesn’t feel small!

With my favourite bottle of lube in hand I settled in for a quiet afternoon of fun. Of all of my toys it is one of the least textured and if you want an Organotoy dildo but aren’t a texture fan then this is absolutely for you. I love the balls because they are perfect for gripping on when I want to fuck myself nice and hard with it. And that is exactly how I like to use a dildo. And with it being balls over a round base like the Licorn I can use it laying back without any of the base getting in the way. (The Licorn is still one of the best damn dildos ever made though and nothing will change my mind.) I personally could not feel the geometric shape when using it, it was just a really nice, smooth toy. And it’s nice to have a change from my usual super textured toys.

Like my Licorn this has some serious weight to it which is a big plus for me, I love a good, heavy toy. I’ve not had the chance to use it anally yet since but I am really looking forward to it. And of course it is anal safe thanks to the great looking balls at the bottom.

I love the glow on this toy!

Personally I’m not a fan of realistic toys, I have one or two old ones but I just never loved them in the way that I love my fantasy ones. But this is realistic inspired and this design totally speaks to the gamer in me. The Geometrix brings together my love of both gaming and wanking and it makes me so damn happy just to look at it.

If you want one for yourself (and trust me, if you collect body safe toys you do) then you can get your own here.

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