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Bimbo Diaries Part 3

March has actually been pretty awesome, considering that we’ve been in lockdown and there’s only so much I can really do. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve started to get some sunshine and nice weather but I’ve been kind of perky lately.

Or maybe it’s that I now always have my nails painted and looking cute. Fingers crossed in my next diary I’ll be able to show off my new acrylics, because I’m still waiting for the salons to reopen here in the UK. Same goes for getting waxed. Fingers crossed on the 12th of April everything will be reopening and I can get waxed too. I’ve been keeping myself shaved but it’s just not the same as a good waxed cunt. And I’m desperate to get my brows done too. I’d have shaved them off completely but my partner really likes my brows.

I can’t wait for them to be super long and slutty!

I’ve been on the deepthroating practice too, my partner is helping to remind me to do it. He’s not the best at remembering either but between the two of us I think I’m managing ok. Some nights my gag reflex is really bad though and I just don’t know why. I did have a lot of fun with my bimbo slut gag and a hot pink dildo the other day. I’ve filmed it and when I’m ready to start up my subscription and clips stores you’ll be able to see it for yourselves!

Not going to forget what I am in this gag!

I’ve started exercising too, and I’m really enjoying it. Yeah I’m one of those sick freaks that actually likes exercise. Mostly jogging since I want the cardio to be able to fuck for hours and lose a little excess weight. I need to put a bit more time into it though, but it feels great to be exercising again!

Next up I’ll be doing corset training, I’ve got a waist cincher to give me the curves that I want, now I just need to get into a habit of wearing it every day.

I’ve been making a habit of wearing a bra and my silicone enhancers every time I go out too, even if I’m just going up to the shops. Same with makeup, even if it’s just a touch of foundation and concealer. I think I’m slowly getting better at makeup, I really should watch more tutorials. And I’ve slowly been starting to wear my heels more, mostly just to go down the road and get myself a coffee but I want to start wearing them for longer trips. Totally unrelated (I think) but I’ve been wearing collars a lot more again too. They just make me feel cute.

Oh, and I’m sure you’re wondering how my anal only month went. Well, I got sent some free toys that needed reviewing and I just couldn’t do them and stay anal only. Which is a shame because I did really enjoy it for the first couple of weeks. I’d say I’ll try it again but it’s not something my partner is into.

In a few weeks I’ll be able to get some cute new underwear and some sluttier clothes. There’s a couple of things I have my eye on at the moment but nothing I’ve brought yet.

My April goals are

  • Get better with makeup
  • Start corset training
  • Increase deepthroat practice time
  • Spend more times in heels

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