Text Dirty to Me

There’s not too many good things to come out of lockdown, but I tell you one thing that has. My partner has starting sending me dirty texts. And I’m so damn happy.

A year ago my partner would tell you he can’t sext, that he’s not into it and just doesn’t get it. Which is a shame because we’ve been stuck in two different parts of London and unable to even see each other unless it was on a computer screen. We loved each other, we still love each other, we missed each other but our relationship was sexless. And since I am still very much in lust with him three years in that was tough for me. But I respected his limits and didn’t want to push something on him he was not comfortable with.

But then recently something changed for him, I don’t know what it was or how it happened but something changed and the texts started getting dirtier. Just little things at first but then over time he has gotten more kinky and more sexy. Perhaps it’s lockdown easing and knowing that soon we should be able to have sex again, something I know a lot of us out there are looking forward to. Especially those in long distance relationships that haven’t even been able to meet their partner or partners for coffee.

It’s been the wrong kind of long and hard this lockdown, but the texts calling me a giddy jizz rag have certainly been helping on these recent evenings indoors.

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