On Crystal Toys

I don’t tend to mix certain parts of my life but today I’m putting my witches hat on top of my sex blogger hat and we’re going to have a chat about sticking rocks up your hole. Sorry, I mean using crystal sex toys.

Crystals are not body safe and suitable for sex toys, and yet they are growing in popularity more and more. Being natural does not make something better, healthier or more ethical. Mercury, belladonna and digitalis are natural but they are not going to do your health any good. I know that might seem like a bit of an extreme comparing mercury to a crystal but there are crystals that release toxins that can affect your health. There is also the fact that a lot of the crystals being used are porous. No sex toy should be porous, that means you will ever be able to clean it properly and why would you stick something that hasn’t been cleaned properly inside of yourself?

I have seen a couple of places say that their wands and eggs have been treated to make them body safe, but I haven’t found any details on the actual treating. I genuinely saw an untreated one on Etsy while doing a little extra research for this post and it was an egg with a hemp retrieval string. I’m still waiting for my cunt muscles to relax, do not use these things I beg of you!

So why am I being so hard on these things? Especially when I at most just tell people to not get a jelly toy and save for something better. Well, because crystal toys are sold for healing as well as for fun and there is nothing healing about a toy that could cause health problems. If you want to use eggs I recommend them, but get them made from silicone, there are also great kegal balls that have weights in them and a body save retrieval string as well. They will do the same job as a crystal egg but are made specifically for being used internally. The other thing is, where you get your crystals from is important as they do not always come from an ethical source but that is a conversation for an entirely other blog to this one.

I know they are beautiful, if it they were body safe I would almost certainly own one but I’d never be able to use it and for that money I could have a glass, metal or silicone toy.

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