Monthly Round Up

Monthly Round Up April

I’ve been far too quiet lately, even though I have a few cool post ideas and now a bunch of reviews which will be going up over the next few weeks as I endeavour to get back into properly blogging again. But my brain has been in and out of some dark and busy places and I needed a bit of a break. So that aside, what have I been loving this month?

My Anniversary

I celebrated three years with my partner this month. It was of course the day before everything opened and we weren’t able to do very much. It still beats last years when we were not allowed to see each other at all due to lockdown. We brought each other some great gifts and just enjoyed being together and in each others company. I have an amazing headpiece that I am saving showing off until we are able to a dungeon photoshoot. Fingers crossed that’ll be very soon.

The Kitchen Witch

After months of losing my reading mojo I have finally found a book that I’ve gotten really into The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock. It’s a very general overview of green witchcraft. It is far from the most comprehensive book on nature based practice but is an excellent overview of the basics. And while I am far from new to witchcraft and paganism it’s still been a great little read.

My New Nails

The non-essential shops reopened and I was finally able to get my nails done. I’m thrilled to finally have my acrylics back after so long without them. Looking at them now though it’s time for me to get them filled in and of course I’ll be showing them off again on Twitter when I’ve got them done again.

That’s about it really. There’s a couple of other things going on but you will just have to wait until they get their own posts over the next few weeks.

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