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Masturbators Are Fun

From left to right: Dino Slug by John Thomas Toys, Adam in confused rainbow by Godemiche, Ann Summers realistic suction cup dildos in hot pink and pale flesh tone and the Alien Hooligan by John Thomas Toys

May is Masturbation Month and since this past year and a bit has had so many of us kept apart from our loved ones masturbation has been all we’ve had. They’ve put us more in touch with our bodies again and they’re good for both mental and physical health. I love my toys, every single one of them has played a part in getting me through, except one, that one was a disappointment. Lots of women own at least one, but with men it’s a different story. And I’ve been thinking about why.

When it comes to women having a wank media seemed to make it all about lighting some candles and having an evening in with your toy of choice. Or shower head which I never got myself. And yet when a cis man used one, straight ones anyway, masturbators were more the butt of a joke or a source of ridicule. Why would a man want one of those? Well, why not? They feel good, add sensations you wouldn’t otherwise have and they’re fun. Who doesn’t want those things?

UV red G-Silicone OffBeat masturbator
The OffBeat by Godemiche

Men are wankers, more so than women if some are to be believed (I could get into the whole “myth of the female orgasm” and “women don’t have sex for pleasure” sexist nonsense but let’s leave that for another day when I’m in a ranty mood shall we?) So if they’re all out there enjoying a wank so badly why wouldn’t they want a toy to add to the experience? Every man I’ve used a masturbator with I have usually been the one to introduce him to using it. Even the more kinky and sexually open. And as a rule they’ve really enjoyed them. My partner had tried a Fleshlight that had been brought for him (as a joke if I recall rightly, proving my point above) and had not enjoyed it. It was when I introduced him first to the Tenga egg and then the Godemiche OffBeat, that he found any kind of enjoyment.

The Tenga Egg Easy Beat

And masturbators aren’t just something for solo play, much like dildos and vibrators they can be a fun couples toy too, mutual masturbation is a great part of sex, whether it’s before any kind of penetration or as the main event. In the case of those with phimosis it’s often the only way to achieve orgasm. And the right toy can make that easier.

The right masturbator can be a great part of your bedroom fun, be it alone or with others, so this month why not show this toy some love and consider getting one for the penis owner in your life?

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