Gems Little Pink Box Betty and Rose Bud Butt Plug Reviews

Now we all know how much I love Gem and her toys, she has my address and is always welcome to turn up on my doorstep for a cup of tea. So when she had a sale over on Etsy I could not resist a new toy. I was also surprised with a second plug and a unicorn horn stress squishy. The horn is getting its own post soon so lets get into the butt plugs!

My package, as always beautifully wrapped.

As a pair they are visually lovely and of a high quality, just like everything else she has made. They’re made of high quality silicone and the Betty plug has glitter in that does not shed. The Rose Bud has a beautiful subtle pink sheen in just the right light. And both have a lovely weight to them.

The Betty under black light
My black light rose bud

I love them as vaginal plugs and stretchers and will be keeping them that way. If that is what you are looking for then this really is a great toy. The bulb is comfortable and stays in nicely, with the base not being so big it stops me getting to my clit. So why do I recommend them for vaginal use only? Because the entire plug fits inside me including the base. This should not be a risk with a butt plug because unlike the vagina a toy inserted anally does not have something like the cervix to stop it going any further.

Betty Butt Plug

It only needs two small changes to make it safe and perfect, the base needs to be just a couple of centimetres wider to be distinctively bigger than the bulb and the base needs to be just a little thicker so it does not fold in on itself so easily. If I put my fingers around the stem and pull them down they can pull completely down and past the base. This is my test on any plug that I buy before I use it to gauge if I want to use it anally or vaginally (or of course both).

Rose Bud Butt Plug

I am getting more and more into vaginal stretching and both of these toys are comfortable to have in to work on this so I will be using them fairly often. They’re both easy to clean and I do like them, are they my favourite of Gems toys? No, my skull dildo is still sitting comfortably in that top spot. But these plugs make working up to using it a far easier and more comfortable experience. And vaginal stretching toys deserve far more love and attention than they get.

The Rose Bud is currently not available but if you are interested in a Betty Butt Plug of your own you can get one here and follow Gems Little Pink Box on Twitter and Instagram.

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