Tantaly Rico Review

A little while ago Tantaly sent me this free toy for a review and decided to try something new. So thank you Tantaly for the opportunity.

On the website the Rico by Tantaly is 27.17” in length,12.2” with a shoulder width of 18.9” hip width of 15.75” stem length of 6.3 and weighs 27.6 lbs and is made out of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).

I’m going to start off with the positives, the cock can be bent into shape to hit any spots you want it to hit. I’ve not had a toy that’s been able to do that before and I thought it was pretty neat. It arrived really fast, within a couple of days of agreeing to do the review and it was well packaged and there was nothing to give away what was in the box.

Unfortunately that is where my positives end. First of all I’ve had it sitting in the box (upright, which I know I shouldn’t have done but storage space is a bit limited in my bedroom) and there’s what looks like wet patches on the inside of the box where Rico has been resting against it. This did not fill me with confidence. Which leads me onto the fact that Rico is made with TPE which while does not contain things like latex, PVC and phthalates is still porus. He also has a really strong rubbery smell which transfers to just about everything I put him against or near. Also I find his six pack a bit odd, my friends call it his waffle pack and honestly the name has stuck. While his cock is stiff the rest of him is very floppy and leaves me with only one position I can use him. Thankfully I like being on top.

The patches inside the box, I have no idea what caused this.
But as you can see it’s only on the inside where the toy has rested against it.

So with a condom on him (because there was no way I was going in without protection) I tried him out. And I was not a fan. I will always go for girth over length and Rico has a lot of length but not much girth. It was too long for me and it took me ages to find a remotely comfortable position and then it just wasn’t hitting the right spots no matter how I reshaped the cock. I tried for a while but it just wasn’t happening for me and in the end I had to give up. Partly due to the size just being too uncomfortable for me and love dolls just aren’t my thing.

It is marketed as being suitable for threesome play but I will not be using this toy again even if my partner is involved. He will however be using it for a review himself as the Rico has… well, I want to call it his arse hole but he doesn’t have arse cheeks and it’s more like a taint hole, sorry for that image.

I’m not going to recommend this toy, even if it has brought a lot of laughs to everyone I know. But if you really do want one of your own you can get it here and use the code Bambi10 to get 10% off your entire order on their website.

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