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A few weeks ago I hit the sex shops with my partner and when we went into the Soho Bookshop (does anyone else remember when they actually sold loads of cool non sex books?) and I took a look at the clearance section and was very pleasantly surprised to find menstrual products!

There are still lots of people that think menstruation is somehow dirty or shameful so seeing menstruation cups in a sex shop was just amazing to me. It goes a long way towards normalising something that should, quite frankly, not need normalising in the first place. I’d love to see more sex shops selling menstrual products, even if it’s just to really annoy people that think anyone menstruating should go live in a shed in the mountains once a month.

Condoms can be brought damn near everywhere and yet moon cups, tampons and pads (reusable and single use) are available in a much smaller number of places. I can go without condoms and not have sex but I cannot tell the blood that it has to wait and come at a more convenient time so finding another place that they can be brought it fantastic.

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