How Not To Guest Post

Last week I received an email about writing a guest post. I also know it was sent to at least one other blogger I follow because I was BCC’d in. So for anyone looking to guest post on the blog, here is how not to get a spot writing for me, or in fact anyone.

Firstly, as I said I was not even the main recipient, this was not a good look as it showed they were in no way interested in my blog but were just sending out emails to bloggers. At least they were also a kinky sex blog I suppose, that might have made it look slightly less like a random numbers game.

Or rather it would have if it hadn’t been for the completely impersonal cut and paste email itself. If you want to write a guest post for me (and I am totally up for guest posts by people other than my partner) you might want to at least make it look like you’ve looked at the blog and read even one post. It mentioned that I already publish guest posts from different authors, I don’t, I have a handful of posts by my partner and that’s it.

They have apparently written lots of excellent posts for different niche blogs, I only know this because that’s what they told me, I was not given any links to things they have written. Nor did they give me any details to look them up at all. I had a first name, initial and an email address. I have a sneaking suspicion they might be fibbing about all of the excellent content they have provided to various blogs as I can’t find a damn thing anywhere and I did take five minutes out of my day to do a search of that email address. And if I was asking for guest spots on a blog I’d link to some of my best work.

Lastly it was also just a badly written email with new lines starting for no reason halfway through a sentence and things like that really irritate me.

So how do you get a guest post here? Well, drop me an email, one you have actually taken five minutes to write and let me know the kind of thing you write and what your ideas are for a post for me. Include some links to things you have previously written so I can decide if your work would be a good fit and we can go from there.

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