What Makes a Good Anal Toy

Just a couple of toys from my plug collection.

It’s no secret that I love anal and I love collecting anal toys. But not all toys are suitable for anal, and even some that are should not be used for that purpose. So what is it that makes an anal toy so good? Let’s have a chat about it.


I’ve talked about non safe materials in a couple of my reviews but I’m going to bring it up again now. Your internal tissue is very thin and delicate and you need to be very wary of what it comes into contact with. Back when I used to still use jelly toys I brought a small butt plug with my then boyfriend, that night we lubed it up and put it in me and it was the most painful anal experience I’ve ever had. It was a worse burning than chilli oil.

Not everyone has super sensitive skin and might not have that worry, however jelly toys (and a few other common sex toy materials) are porous which means that your toy can soon become a breeding ground for really nasty bacteria. Eventually that porous toy could make you really ill. Stick with a good quality glass, metal or silicone that can be easily sterilised.


The base can in many ways make or break an anal toy for me, there should always be a flared base that is wider than the widest part of the bulb of the plug. This is the part that is stopping it from getting sucked into you completely, and keeping you from an embarrassing trip to the doctors to get it removed. It’s also worth noting that you need a solid base that is not going to fold in on itself, if you aren’t sure about this I recommend lubing up your hand and putting your fingers around the neck and pulling them down, if you can get your fingers off from just doing this it is not a safe anal toy.

There’s a few differently shaped bases out there, but round and rectangular are the most common. For long term wear a rectangular base is the most comfortable as it will sit between your cheeks better where a circular one will rub and gets uncomfortable faster.


Lastly, when it comes to shape some can fall out easily because there’s too gentle a taper between the bulb and the neck of the plug. And there shouldn’t be any taper between the base and the neck, I’ve seen a couple with this design and that taper could result in the toy working its way inside you over time.

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