Guest Post – Lesbian Group Fuck Fest Review

This week I’m handing the review over to my partner for the first time in ages. This was the porn that he picked out on our trip to Soho.


This porn film is split into three scenes, each of which feature a foursome of lesbians, each with some plot set up beforehand. I am in favour of the plot driven porn, as I find some context does help to drive up the eroticism, whether you are watching porn or having a good shag yourself. For instance when you and your partner haven’t seen each other in a while, that often results in superior sex compared to middle of the week ‘yeah why not?’ sex. I am reviewing this from the perspective of a male long term porn viewer. I bought the DVD in London’s Soho for £10, and it was reduced.

The first scene stars Bonnie Kinz, Eva Celeste, Jessica Blaze & Kristen Scott, presenting a variety of breast sizes and hair styles; I find the more variety the better in group sex. It starts with lounging in bikinis, followed by a mild argument over infidelity, delivered in a very stilted manner that is soon resolved by the group and instantly into everyone kissing everyone. It gives the following sex an underlying sense of confidence that makes for a more relaxed viewing, and a palpable wank that isn’t hindered by any unnecessary tension. The action goes from kissing to breast sucking, full body embraces, clit rubbing and cunniligus with the receivers kissing and fondling each other. Afterwards and for the remaining run time (approximately 40 minutes), they form chains between lips and pussies (circle as featured on the cover), in which all combinations are met with time as they should be. Many orgasms are loud and proud, also the way it should be. Later they progress to anal fingering, ass licking and interconnected piling on top of one another. This includes my personal highlight of the whole DVD in which Bonnie Kinz rides Jessica Blaze’s face; groaning, back arched and cums with her boobs shaking. Brilliant.

The second sequence stars Ariel Skye, Naomi Mae, Camille Amore and Jasmine Summers which are largely interracial, a good turn on for me. One is wearing braces, not a turn on for me. It begins with the four planning to go on Spring Break to pick up chicks, which adds a good flair of ‘fun-seeking’ and spontaneity to the proceedings, which I find adds excitement to the action. The car is broken down. Mae fixes it and is soon approached by Skye who provides a welcome distraction. Amore and Summers wait in a bedroom and quickly escalate to kissing and pussy rubbing. Then cut back and forth between the two pairs, which nicely heighten the tension to the foursome. They each build by removing clothes, sucking tits, cunniligus, and before long they converge in all pleasuring Summers at once, and pairing in various combinations again. Once they’re in the circle formation they make excellent groaning sounds, though many of the close ups feel awkward. They form a pile, two lick a pussy with long flaps at once, they sixty-nine, and finally Amore and Summers rub pussies, which I was glad to see as it is a personal favourite of mine, due to the body positions and full range of lustful expression that is possible with a visible face and torso. Sadly it’s the only instance of that in the whole DVD. Finally they form a circle of rimming, all sit up and kiss, then walk off back to the car, which was a bit funny.

The final sequence stars Riley Nixon, Jazzy Jamison, Sarah Banks and Rain Summers (great name), in another interracial set up, with a larger range of breasts and hairdos again. Riley Nixon begins leading the others in an exercise regime, and a very casual set up. This suggests that these women do this often as they proceed to fuck without any prior dialogue like the previous ones do. She starts leading them in masturbation which leads to seduction; though this takes time so it feels slow and somewhat awkward. They eventually move to face sitting and kissing in chain formations. There’s a great shot of Nixon and Jamison sucking Summers’ tits at once. More fingering, tits play, and removing their jogging clothes. They pair off to touch each other and kiss, the pacing slows down, and the following ten minutes drag, even the orgasms seem understated. They eat pussy, rub pussy, sixty-nine and all on a sofa this time, which sadly makes many positions more difficult, and they don’t make as much noise as the previous scenes. They pair up more, and eat pussy more, though distractingly, Jamison and Banks never touch each other, which seems like a missed opportunity to me. At the end they all just lay in rows, not a word.

Some traits present in all three sections. Once they reach the pussy licking stage, they tend to maintain their positions for up to five minutes at a time, which drags the pacing and can leave you a little frustrated to see what happens next, so if your media player has a ‘x1.5’ speed setting, I recommend that; it makes the scenes more energised and enjoyable. Also often in these scenes, especially the third, the ladies are positioned slightly apart when kissing or eating pussy, which gives it a slightly impersonal touch, as though we’re watching models have sex under discrete instruction (which it is) rather than the voyeur’s pleasure of watching spontaneous lustful shagging (what we want). Porn stars ought to be shoving their lips into pussies, faces into arse cracks and as much body contact as possible, as the greatest sex in the real world does. We all want our porn stars to be enjoying what they’re doing, as much as (if not more than) we are watching them, and without that, the deepest feeling of eroticism is lost. Porn may be fantasy, but that ought to remain.

Overall I find that this set of scenes is not very exciting, though when approached with plenty of time, and patience to let the scenes build at their own pace (if you’ve ever been turned on during a massage you may know the feeling), it will result in a raging hard-on and a cathartic orgasm. You’d have to after wanking for 45 minutes straight.

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