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It’s really easy to fall into a habit of spending the weekend together and not really doing much. Or doing the exact same thing as the weekend before. And then before you know it you’re in a slump you need to escape from. But escaping the slump without it getting expensive isn’t easy. But I’ve found a few work arounds.

Make a List

Now, I’m really lucky living in London, there’s a lot of great stuff to do, even with the city still in some kind of lockdown. But recently it felt like we weren’t really getting up to much, certainly nothing new anyway so I had us sit down and make a list of places we wanted to go together. It sits in the back of my diary and it gives us something to work through. It ranges from places we want to get dinner to exhibitions to more expensive weekends away. It’s given us things to look forward to and having the list makes us actually want to go out and do things rather than just talk about it.

Book In Advance

Booking ahead is mandatory for basically everything these days but it can also be a great way to save a bit of money. We talked about going to Kew Gardens for the day and it is so much cheaper to book way in advance and honestly a lot of places are like this. And if like us you’re on a budget, those saved pennies are important. The other thing about booking weeks and sometimes even a month in advance is we do have something to look forward to.

Get On Mailing Lists

Late events are slowly starting back up, and the best part, they’re usually adult only! I love being able to go to a museum when there’s no kids and I’m allowed to drink beer as I walk around the exhibits. I once got to drink prosecco walking around the London Sea Life Centre and honestly that was fucking awesome and I want them to do another late event so I can do that again but with my partner. Places like the Science Museum do a free monthly event so it’s worth getting on mailing lists to see when they’re back up and running for a cheap night out.

While it’s great to have a date that’s out of the ordinary and go somewhere different there’s nothing wrong with just a couple of drinks in a pub or even a picnic in the local park. Hell, have an at home one and learn to make cocktails or rent an NT Live show and get dressed up for the theatre. Whatever it is you do, have a great date!

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