Back To Work

I’m currently in the transition back to work, which is unfortunately taking a lot longer than I’d like, but I am currently setting up my clip pages and subscription sites. It’s been incredibly stressful but it feels great to be going back into full time work. But I obviously can’t do this without the support of people who love my work. So here’s how you can support me!

  • Sign up to my subscription services – I’m currently setting these up and I’ll be linking to them when they’re ready.
  • Tip me – there’s going to be plenty of ways to do this and I’ll be linking them too.
  • Buy my clips – I’ll have at least one clip site live very soon.
  • Catch me on cam – I’ll be on the cam sites a few times a week, I’ll post a schedule here and tweet when I’ll be going live so follow me on Twitter.
  • Grab something from my Amazon wish list – It’s mostly just stuff to wear on camera and I’ll send you custom clips and photos as a thank you.
  • Sponsored posts – If you want to pay for a sponsored post drop me an email and we can work out the details.
  • Paid reviews – I’m now looking to be paid for my reviews, I’m always honest and informative in what I write. Email me for details on this.

It’s a scary leap but one I’m glad to be making and I’m really excited about it. There will be previews, teasers and deals coming up on the blog too for future clips before they go on sale. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss anything and follow me on social media for regular updates.

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