Small Humphrey by Organotoy Review

Look at those gorgeous colours!

Organotoy have sent me another new toy. I have loved everything they have sent me so far, the small Ash is one of my most used dildos. So can the small Humphrey fill those big shoes?

Organotoy’s dildos are all made of silicone so they’re completely body safe and Humphrey has a nice big, flared base so is safe for anal play. (I’ve not actually used Humphrey anally yet, but I’m working on it.) And when my mum saw him said he looked like a Dalek with a paint job, he is a very fabulous, multichrome Dalek. The colours are airbrushed with body safe paint and I’m now I own one airbrushed toy I need more.

The small Humphrey is one of my smaller toys, the head circumference is 13mm as is the shaft circumference with an insertable length of 15cm. The bumps, as you can see in the photos cover the entire shaft and even when I would ordinarily go for a bigger toy those bumps will keep me coming back to it again. They feel great but aren’t super intense so if you’re looking at getting into textured toys this is a fantastic place to begin.

Its small size meant I didn’t need to warm up like I do with my bigger toys, I just needed a good dollop of a thick water based lube and I was good to go. There was no stretching, just slid right in, I found it a bit too big to fit anally unfortunately but I am working on it. The base is a great size to be safe for this and makes it nice and easy to hold onto even when there’s lube everywhere and I’m literally dripping wet.

Yes, the small Humphrey does fill those big shoes. Organotoy have created another dildo I love. You’ll be able to get clips of me enjoying it very soon!

Prices for the small Humphrey start at 29.96 € and it also comes in a medium and large. You can get one for yourself here and follow Organotoy on Twitter and Instagram.

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