Monthly Round Up

Monthly Round Up June

This was meant to be a month that things happened and then none of them have. But it’s not been such a bad time. I’ve had fun, nowhere near as much as I like but fun has been had somewhere. So what have the highlights been?

Bags: Inside and Out

The museums are open again and I’ve already been back to the V&A and renewed my membership, I was able to get tickets for Bags: Inside and Out. (The Alice exhibition wasn’t open yet, but I do have tickets for it.) It’s in the small exhibition space but they managed to fit loads of really interesting stuff in there. If you love bags it’s well worth a visit.

Vegan Trash

We were exhausted last week. I mean falling asleep where we sat exhausted. So I treated us both to a take away and we tried a new place called Vegan Trash and we both absolutely loved it. It’s always great to be able to find a new vegan place we both really love. I had a mushroom burger and unlike so many that I’ve had from different takeaways this one was not drowning in sauces. There’s only one and it’s in North London but I’m really hoping that they’ll open up more places.

UV Candles by Trussed UK

I really love Trussed UK, they are great if you’re after good quality BDSM kit whatever your budget. And these candles are fantastic. I’ve been using the green and pink and they have such a strong glow under black light. And there’s a clip ready and waiting to be uploaded onto clip sites.

Small Humphrey by Organotoy

Obviously this was going to make the list, I gave it a rave review last week. It’s beautiful, it feels fantastic and I am so excited about receiving the medium one soon to add to my Organotoy collection. If you missed last Friday’s review you can read it right here. And I highly recommend you do.

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