Bimbo Goals

Recently someone asked me what my bimbofication goals are, I was going to link them to a blog post about it and when I had a look through my posts I realised, I don’t seem to have shared them here! So, all these months after coming out as a bimbo here is what I’m working towards.

  • Bigger tits – I don’t have a number in mind, I’ll know it when I get there size wise. I’ll see what I can get for my first surgery and go from there. I have quite a small frame so I can’t imagine I’ll be able to go as big as I’d like, but we’ll see! I’m a long way from being able to afford the work though sadly. But for now I never go out without a bra and my silicone cleavage boosters.
  • Fillers – I want to get my lips and under eyes done. I’ve wanted to get rid of my eye bags for ages and I’d love to have bigger lips. I won’t be going as big as I’d like though since my partner doesn’t like the really extreme bimbo lips sadly.
  • Corset training – I keep trying to stay on top of this because I’d love more of an hourglass figure. I’ve done some research into doing this properly but I keep forgetting to start or continue past a day or two. Someone please help me stay on track!
  • Exercise – I am gradually trying to be a lot more active and look after my body better. After years of mental health problems and not thinking my body has deserved to be treated well this is a huge step for me. (Actually the bimbo lifestyle has me looking after my body way better than I ever have and taking far more pride in my appearance. It’s been great for me.) I don’t have a weight number in mind, more just a visual goal that I’m working towards.
  • Deepthroat training – this is another one I really need help keeping on top of. I want to be able to deepthroat and even though I’ve not stayed on top of this properly I have already noticed a huge difference during my last dentist trip when I didn’t gag during my x-rays.
  • Wardrobe – I want to get more sexy clothes and I’m gradually getting more and more nice clothes but it’s been really hard to find things that fit and I like!
  • Hair and nails – I’m growing my hair longer, except for the side cut, that’s staying! And I usually have acrylics on my nails but after I really damaged my nail a week ago I’ve had to give it a break to heal, I miss them though and they’ll be back at the end of the week.
  • Makeup – I almost never go out without makeup on now, unless I’m running out to get a coffee from up the road or something like that. But if I’m out for more than just a quick chore then I have my makeup fully done up.

That’s all I have at the moment and I’ve been trying to bring changes in slowly.

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