My Dream Dungeon

I’ve wanted my own play space for years, when I first moved out and lived with a boyfriend for the first time he had his own small play space. It’s something I want again one day and while I’ve changed my mind on what I want a few times over the years I have a few things that have always stayed on the list.

A fucking machine, this is easily the newest addition to the list since my trip to Blue Door Dungeon and I loved it. It’s high on the list of toys I want to use when I book my next trip there very soon. I also now have a few toys that are fucking machine compatible so as soon as I have the space and the funds I’ll be buying my first one.

St Andrew’s cross, I’ve loved these for a long time and definitely prefer them to a spanking bench as I like having access to more of the body and really you only get one position and angle with a spanking bench. You can have access to either the whole back or front of a person with a cross and I have had way more fun with one in the past than I ever have a spanking bench.

Cage, I mean obviously this was going to be on the list. Hell, it was the first thing that ever went on the list. I’ve not owned a cage in years. I was brought one I just did not have the space or the privacy to keep up all the time since I was living with my mum at the time. When I moved out I sold it to my ex in the break up as he had the space for it. It was just the large collapsible dog cage but it was pretty comfortable and I do really miss it sometimes.

Sex swing, the last thing on this short list is another I’ve only had the chance to use once, again at Blue Door. I’d have to go on the hunt for a vegan one and would need a fucking huge space as there’s a good chance it would require a frame as well. This is something I might never get to own but a girl can certainly dream. It’s one I know my partner would love too as he really enjoyed it when we got to use it a couple of years ago.

What would be in your ideal play space? Let me know in the comments!

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