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Learning to Fuck Better

I’ve been with my partner for well over three years now and we’ve recently been in a bit of a sexual rut of late. I’ve been feeling more and more pressure to orgasm as with my partners phimosis he can struggle and we have both felt things have gotten a little samey. But after a good talk about it we had one of the best fucks I think we’ve ever had.

Shadow was very understanding about my feeling a pressure to perform and my worry about hurting his feelings if I didn’t orgasm and we both agreed that we need to use my huge collection of kinky gear (although he has confessed to not being particularly kinky) and start having more fun. We didn’t fuck that night, a combination of a very depressing play we went to see, being too full from a late dinner and watching Taskmaster until far too late. But we did the following morning.

And honestly it was one of the best fucks we have ever had. Now he does not feel the need to fuck me to multiple orgasm for hours on end, something I’m just not always in the mood for, he was able to say he was ready to stop and we could work on him achieving orgasm. And he did, much faster than he usually would after a long fuck. We’re learning when to stop and focus on him so we can both orgasm, not that an orgasm is important every time, but it’s nice to know it is now more possible for us both.

It just goes to show, even years down the line we really are still learning about ourselves and each other.

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